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The Role of U.S. Customs and Border Protection - 2503 Words

THE ROLE OF U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP) is one of the oldest law enforcement entities in the U.S., and has a rich history of protecting our borders. A historical overview and understanding of the U.S. Customs origins displays how over the centuries the strategic mission of the CBP has evolved to combat threats of specific time eras. U.S. Customs has grown from collecting of revenue during the 1800s to fighting the War on Drugs, and well into the 21st century where combating terrorism would be yet another mission undertaken by CBP. Without a doubt, the U.S. Customs Service has played an active role in the protection of the nation’s borders against terrorism, criminal drug lords, and even the violation of intellectual property theft. Origins of the U.S. Customs Service The U.S. Customs was not officially established until the 1780s. Originally, right after the American Revolutionary War, many American’s were weary of federal government’s control and involvement. For this very reason many American States would proceed and hire their own customs agents collecting revenue for the states and not federal government. It would not be until 1787 the Abortive Impost Bill would officially be a law at the Constitutional Convention. These new federal customs agents would now be tasked with enforcing revenue laws. Interestingly, Customs would be the largest agency besides the Continental Army, and had a low rate ofShow MoreRelatedImmigration Act Of The Border1473 Words   |  6 PagesBorder Patrol began in 1904 when illegal crossings at the border were prevented by seventy five â€Å"mounted guards† who were given directives by the U.S immigration service to patrol the border (U.S. Customs and Border P rotection, n.d). Patrols were, however, not consistent because of limited resources and little supervision. They attempted to prevent Chinese illegal migration as they patrolled along the border in California. However, from 1915, resources such as horses, cars and boats were added toRead MoreHydera1253 Words   |  6 PagesDissolution of the former U.S. Immigration and Naturalization and Customs Service and the creation of separate agencies under the Department of Homeland Security. The  United States Immigration and Naturalization Service  (INS) was an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice from 1933 to 2003. Referred to by some as  former INS  and by others as  legacy INS, the agency ceased to exist under that name on March 1, 2003, when most of its functions were transferred to three new entities –  U.S. Citizenship and ImmigrationRead MoreBorder Security1320 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: Has Technology Improved Border Security Operations 1 Border Security Technology HAS TECHNOLOGY IMPROVED BORDER SECURITY OPERATIONS 2 Border Security Technology Border security is paramount to the security of the United States of America. There are 7,000 miles of land border with Canada and Mexico as well as numerousRead MoreHomeland Security Chapter 9-10 Essay923 Words   |  4 Pagesattempts and successes at border patrol. Beginning with the U.S customs and Border Protection, the Border Patrol office has like many other agencies, merged with the DHS following 9/11. The reason is because the Border Patrol is now after 9/11 been concerned with the prevention of terrorist’s entry. The Border Patrol also merged with customs, which has a long history with border patrol. The CBP has been charged with guarding 7000 miles of U.S Land border. The Border patrol has been very concernedRead MoreThe Security Administration ( Tsa )1133 Words   |  5 Pages Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, congress passed sweeping changes to the security of aviation and border protection in the United States. Three agencies were significantly impacted by these changes and the aftermath of 9/11: Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Federal Air Marshal (FAM). However, 14 years later is important to review the changes which were implemented by sweeping popularity following 9/11 and evaluate their effectivenessRead MoreForeign Trade Zones ( Ftzs ) Essay918 Words   |  4 Pageswere established by the United States under the Foreign-Trade Zones Act of 1934 and are controlled by FTZ and CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Regulations (U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2015). FTZs are authorized geographical locations that allow commercial merchandise including both foreign and domestic to be subject to laws as if it were outside the boundaries of U.S. Customs (Hawaii Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9, 2 015). Manufacturers, importers, and exporters can hold goods within the zone andRead MoreThe United States Border Patrol1532 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States Border Patrol has a mission and duty to protect our borders through regulating laws and preventing illegal terrorists, drugs, and weapons from entering the United States. This has been a clear goal ever since laws have been passed to help secure our borders back in 1924. The need for Border Patrol and the demand for tighter security plans have been increasing due to terrorist attacks on American soil, the presence of radical groups, and a high rate of crime in the United StatesRead MoreArticle Analysis: Immigration Reforms901 Words   |  4 PagesReforms The immigration reforms that are yet to be enacted will see the United States government erect a 2000 mile fence along its border with Mexico. The question that still lingers on is whether the erection of this wall will provide a long lasting solution to illegal immigrants issue that has proved to an elephant in the room to the United States Customs and Border Protection agency (Fox News Latino, 2013). The erection of this enormous wall will mean that the government will more land from propertyRead MoreThe Creation Of The Dhs1406 Words   |  6 Pagesliable for establishing the safety and defense of the U.S. from terrorism and natural disasters. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America by terrorists, Department of Homeland Security’s main concern has been on federal measures to prevent terrorism attacks and handle other crisis situations. When the Department of Homeland Security was created it had four goals: to diminish America’s vulnerability to terro rism by securing the borders, minimizing the damage and speed the recovery fromRead MoreRole Of Customs And Border Protection1644 Words   |  7 Pages1 - What is the role of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in securing trade in maritime ports? The role of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is to ensure all goods and people coming into the United States lawful and keeping contraband and WMD out of the United States. Additionally Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for international trade in and out of the United States. The policies and enforcement of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can make or break trade within

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Is It Possible Essay

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes - Is It Possible? By Paul D Kennedy | Submitted On March 16, 2014 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Paul D Kennedy In the long-term, diabetes causes very serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, neuropathy, glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy, a weakened immune system, and digestive problems. Though these medical conditions develop slowly, eventually they can be devastating. Persons who let their diabetes get out of control risk going blind, experiencing a variety of infections, having a foot or leg amputated, requiring kidney dialysis or a transplant, or becoming incapacitated or dying from a stroke or heart attack, among a host of other serious outcomes. Thus taking steps to beat diabetes is critical. It s not that hard - so it can be done. Diabetes and your genes There is a persistent myth that diabetes is all about poor diets, unhealthy life-styles and obesity. While it may be true that most people who are diabetic are overweight, some thin people also get diabetes. And some people who have an unhealthy lifestyle manage to avoid the disease. Why so? It is because genetics plays a part inShow MoreRelatedThe Hypothesis That Increased Glucagon Like Peptide1094 Words   |  5 PagesStudied the hypothesis that increased glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) secretion explains the improvement in insulin secretion after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB) Surgery (therapeutic long-term treatment for patients with morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus) a) â€Å"The overall metagenomic RYGB-induced shift was characterized by a reduction of Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes and an increase of Proteobacteria . . . Highly correlated species [of bacterium] were assembled into two common componentsRead MoreThe Treatment Of Pancreatic Transplants1251 Words   |  6 Pagesthe last several years to help patients with Type 1 DM and the complications that arise from the disease. The increasing numbers of people with diabetes is cause for concern. In some cases diabetes can be prevented but in others its more about genetics; but with many medical advances patients have a better chance for survival. With advancements in surgical procedures pancreatic transplants are improving as well as the increased odds of curing Type 1. When this happens this will decrease theRead MoreDiabetes Mellitus ( Dm ) Or Type 2 Diabetes1398 Words   |  6 PagesDiabetes Mellitus (DM) or Type 2 Diabetes is seen as a metabolic disease that is categorized by abnormal ly high blood glucose or hyperglycemia. Diabetes Mellitus is also formerly known as noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and is the most common form of diabetes that is seen. Insulin is a hormone that is supplied to the body that allows us to efficiently use glucose as fuel. When carbohydrates are broken down into sugars in the stomach glucose enters the blood circulation simulating the pancreasRead MoreObesity in America Essay1472 Words   |  6 Pagespreventable deaths in the United States, obesity claims approximately 300,000 lives each year (Salinsky Scott, 2003). Obesity is strongly associated with multiple chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, type 2diabetes, and with some forms of cancer, such as uterine, gall bladder, breast, colon, and kidney. Other conditions, such as sleep apnea, asthma, arthritis, reproductive complications, and psychological disorders such as depression, can be attributedRead MoreThe On The Vegan Society1582 Words   |  7 Pagesother uses involving exploitation of animal life by man.†(â€Å"Veganism Defined†) In 1979 the vegan society became a charity, the definition of â€Å"veganism† was updated to the following: a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.(Read MoreEssay on Stem Cell Research977 Words   |  4 Pagesthat go through mitosis and separate into special cell types. Stem cells have the capacity to renew by their selves, resulting in more stem cells. Stem cells are capable of performing a specific task, such as regeneration and replacement of a damaged or a diseased tissue. There are billions of cells, all with their own music. As the brain develops, it turns out theyre pretty harmonious—an orchestra of keyboards (Zerhouni, 2).The two broad types of cells are embryonic stem cells and adult stem cellsRead MoreQuestions On Diabetes And Diabetes Essay1903 Words   |  8 PagesTitle: 4 Ways You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Category: Health Wellness Tags: reverse diabetes, heal diabetes Keyword: reverse type 2 diabetes Summary: Diabetes is a debilitating disease that has reached epidemic proportions in America. To reverse type 2 naturally, you’ll need to reverse the disease process. That means changing daily habits, diet, activity and even mentality. Article: Finding out you have type 2 diabetes can be life altering, not to mention frightening. But it’sRead MoreThe Health Of Health Care1436 Words   |  6 Pagesspending can be linked to modifiable population risk factors such as obesity, which in turn gives rise to diseases. Rising disease prevalence and new medical treatments account for nearly two-thirds of the rise in spending. (see Per capita spending exhibit 2) It is for this reason that I feel healthcare reforms should focus on health promotion, cost-effective use of medical care, and public health interventions. An ideal society of healthy people regularly exercise, do not overconsume food, eat healthyRead MoreStem Cell Research : Stem Cells1416 Words   |  6 Pagesproperties, and the types of Stem-Cells. In addition, you will know some of the pros and cons researches about Stem-Cells. Stem-Cells are cells that have the ability to divide and multiply and renew itself. †¢ Sources of Stem-Cells: 1- The first source is Bone Marrow. 2- The second source is Adipose Tissue (lipid cells). 3- The third source is The Blood. †¢ Stem cells types: 1- The first type of Stem Cells is Embryonic stem cells (ES cells) . 2- The second type of Stem Cells isRead MoreA Vegetarian Diet Is The Best Possible Diet For A Person Because It Prevents Diseases2224 Words   |  9 PagesA vegan diet is the best possible diet for a person because it prevents diseases. In Sarah Barns’ view, â€Å"Vegans and vegetarians typically have†¦ a lower risk of death from heart disease, and lower overall cancer rates. Science and research confirms that you don’t need meat to be healthy at all, in fact statistics point to quite the opposite† (â€Å"Live Longer, Boost Immunity, Slim Down: 10 Reasons Why You Should Go Vegan In 2015, Daily Express† par. 3). Basically, Sarah Barns is saying that having a vegan

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What time you call this Free Essays

She returned a few seconds later, there was a little glimmer of satisfaction on her face. She paused in the centre of the’ hall, as though wondering what to do next. Then, suddenly, she turned and went across into her husband’s study. We will write a custom essay sample on What time you call this? or any similar topic only for you Order Now On the desk she found his address book, and after hunting through it for a while she picked up the phone and dialled a number. â€Å"Hello,† she said. â€Å"Listen – this is Nine East Sixty-second Street . . . Yes, that’s right. Could you send someone round as soon as possible, do you think? Yes, it seems to be stuck between the second, and third floors. At least, that’s where the indicator’s pointing . . . Right away? Oh, that’s very kind of you. You see, my legs aren’t any too good for walking up a lot of stairs. Thank you so much. Good-bye.† She replaced the receiver and sat there at her husband’s desk, patiently waiting for the man who would be coming soon to repair the lift. â€Å"What time do you call this?† she said The repairman replied, † well sorry for running late but my car broke down† â€Å"Oh well don’t worry but I will not be paying you full price† she declared He replied in a rudely manner â€Å"Okay madam, I’m really sorry, it wasn’t entirely my fault† She interrupted â€Å"Quick, quick!!! I’ll have to dust the house before my husband comes home, im tired as it is† The repairman started fixing the elevator, it was continuously playing up. the repair man said â€Å"this is too dangerous to be in use and someone should have been called out weeks ago other than that it should be working in any second now† She replied, â€Å"Oh thanks dear, I shall be paying you nineteen dollars† â€Å"Oh yes that will do† he said with a disappointed sigh. The repairman started fixing the elevator, he took out a few tools, a spanner, screw driver and a hand drill, he tried and tried to open the jammed elevator but it wouldn’t open, Mrs Foster saw this so she offered to help, † do you need help there mister?† â€Å"Well†, he said with a surprised face â€Å"mrs I haven’t got the right tools so ill have to come back tomorrow† â€Å"No you will not!!! I need it fixed now, so it will get fixed now also I have some tools under the sink in the kitchen† she declared Ill have a look, hopefully you have a crowbar, that’s all I need† he replied Fast, fast I don’t much have time,† she said. So the man got the crowbar, put one end in the gap and put all his weight in the other , Then a little gap emerged and a sudden stench infested the nose of the repairman. â€Å"Orrghh that bloody smells† he shouted â€Å"What, what is the matter?† She shouted Mrs foster then went towards the elevator and said â€Å"open up we’ll see what has made that ghastly smell if you be quick† Then man opened up the rest of the lift so they could see what in the lift. â€Å"Oh my little smooch, my cat, my cat its dead† she wailed â€Å"I better get a bag† he said with a confused face. He got a bag for the cat. Mrs foster was surprised and disappointed, and she showed a glimmer of dissatisfaction, the cry sounded rather unreal, not usual cry that her pet had got stuck in the lift and died but an obvious exaggerated cry. â€Å"Here’s nineteen dollars,† she said â€Å"Oh thanks, hopefully no problems should reoccur† he said So the man left the house, she was slightly upset. She got in the elevator and went up to her bedroom, she put down the suitcase and lied down on the luxurious bed that she had, it consists of a king bed, which had a crown looking thing at each corner of the bed. Half asleep she heard a creeping noise of footsteps; she thought it was nothing but her mind playing on her. The noise got closer and closer, but she was getting sleepier and sleepier. With her eyes slightly closed she could feel a shadow over her, She reluctantly opened her eyes and to her amazement it was Mr foster, â€Å"Its alright your safe with me, go back to sleep† he muttered While she was falling into deep asleep, he quietly went to the closet and opens the draw He took a sharp object and walked over to the bed was went towards Mrs foster, put his hand in a plastic bag then stabbed her in the neck. How to cite What time you call this?, Essays

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Impact of Brand Image on Customer Purchasing Behaviour

Question: Describe about the Impact of Brand Image on Customer Purchasing Behaviour . Answer: Introduction The current chapter will focused on proposing the investigation of the impact of brand image on the customer purchasing behaviour. The chapter will be inclined to initiate the research work with a proper research questions as well as research objectives with the relevance of the topic. In addition to that, the chapter will provide a proper background of the study, relevance, justification as well as value of the research. The introduction will therefore immensely help the entire research project. In order to conduct the research Apple has been chosen for further evaluation. Background of the Study In the current business era of 21st century it has been observed that majority of the business entities extensively focus on enhancing their brand image. The current business market is highly competitive so the organizations need to attract the customers with various means. In this context the brand image has been proved to be the most influential form of obtaining customer attention as well as loyalty. According to the traditional sense, the brand image refers to the customers perception of any specific organization. The perception is generally formed by the customers on the basis of categorizing several attributes of any given organization. That is why the organizations attempt to highlight a positive set of business practices so as to impress the customer base (Sashi 2012). Background of the Company Apple is one of the most popular electronics as well as IT companies in the current business world. It has been formed in the year of 1976 with a starting business of computers, associated software and peripherals. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the founder of the company and had a great contribution behind the success of the company. However, in the year of 2001 the company took their entrance in the mobile industry by launching first iPhone. Currently, the company owns the market capital around the amount of $586 billion ( 2016). Figure 1: Logo of Apple (Source: 2016) Relevance to business research In the contemporary business world the organizations faces a great problem regarding the ever-growing competition between several organizations. It has been observed throughout the market that there are various substitute products available of various prices. Therefore, the organizations have perceived a growing need of developing a positive customer perception where their organization is concerned. In order to identify the most appropriate approach of brand image the organizations need to evaluate the factors those highly influence the purchasing behaviour of the customer. Therefore, considering all the facts it can be concluded that the current business research is highly relevant. Justification of the topic In the current competitive market it has successfully attained that the growths of the organizations are highly depended on the customers positive perception regarding the companies business activities. At the same time, customers purchasing style is highly influenced by several factors. Therefore, the investigation on those factors will eventually disclose the working of customer perception. This investigation will be highly crucial for the business growth. Henceforth, the topic is immensely justified regarding the current market scenario. Value of the research The research will be highly helpful for the business units in respect to gaining the necessary understanding on the exact nature of customer perception. The organizations will be benefitted by the research proposal as they can set their business activities according to the research findings. The proper visual on the impact of brand image on the customer purchasing behaviour will also be useful for the future researchers as they can understand the research topic with a greater clarity (Bryman and Bell 2015). Research Questions and Research Objectives Research Questions The research questions are highly influential for paving the pathway of the research work. The research questions are mentioned below What are the aspects of brand image? What are the drivers of customer purchasing behaviour? How does the brand image influence purchasing behaviour of customers? What are the possible ways to enhance the brand image? Research Objectives The research objectives are highly influential for guiding the research with a proper framework and motivation. These objectives are mentioned below To investigate the aspects of brand image To find out the drivers of customer purchasing behaviour To point out the influence of brand image on customer purchasing behaviour To recommend the ways to enhance the brand image Literature Review Brand image A brands image is an intangible, perceived, and qualitative summation of customers combined intellectual and salient values of a brand that has been derived, formulated and experienced by the customers that are associated with the brand. Brand image can be understood as general impression and attitude held by customers about the brand (Aaker 2012). Therefore, brand image is the views held by customers about the brand. It is dependent on unique set of benefits that the brand provides and its overall impression in the minds of the customers. Construction and maintenance of positive brand image is one of the crucial prerequisite of brand management. Development of favourable brand image is dependent on functional, symbolic, or experimental elements of the companys products and services. In short, it can be said that brand image is the customers perception about the products and services that the brand offers (Kapferer 2012). Every successful company takes great caution while positioning its products and services to the target customers as the products and services offered by a company helps in development of brand image. In addition, various marketing and promotional activities undertaken by a company also helps in development of brand image. Brand image is like an identity or character of the brand among the customers and have direct relation with the customer buying behaviour. Brand image is not just a mental image of the brand but also the emotional association of customers with the brand. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies that help in creation of positive image of the brand and an ideal brand image can be one that truly reflects brands (companys) vision and mission (Wu 2013). Brand image is further consists of many elements that helps in creation of brand image such as unique logo design that reflects organizations core value, tagline and slogan that briefly describes organizations offerings, and other supporting brand identifies that helps in creation of desired brand image. It is important to understand that brand image is not created but automatically formed; however, an organization can adopt some strategies to direct the formation of desired brand image in the minds of the customers (Bonk 2015). Customer buying behaviour Customer behaviour consists of a set of activities in which customers possess, consume and dispose products and services. Customer buying behaviour is stage prior to the purchasing decisions in the purchase decision process. In this stage customers perception and attitude plays an important in determining the actual purchase decision. Customers intention of buying a specific brand is determined by assessment of all available brands and customers perception of the competitors brand. While making a purchase decision customers access various criteria such as prices, features, quality, ease of use, past experience with the brand and overall brand image. Therefore, it can be said that brand image plays an important role in influencing customer buying behavior (Malik et al. 2013). Impact of brand image on customers purchasing intentions Brand image plays an important role in customer buying behaviour. As discussed, brand image is the overall impression of the brand in the minds of the customers that have derived from various sources. Promotional strategies adopted by a brand, business practices adopted by the company and customers experience with the brand all helps in development of brand image (Nebenzahl and Jaffe 2013). Customers tend to form various associations with the brand and these associations helps in development of brand image. The brand image is developed on the basis of subjective perceptions of the customers about the company and further determines customers buying behaviour or future association with the brand. Some examples of brand image can be Apple is associated with innovation and quality, Toyota is associated with reliability, and Volvo for its comport and safety. Similarly, every business organization aims at creating favourable brand image in the minds of the customers in order to increase r evenues and long-term sustained business operations (Aaker and Biel 2013). The importance of favourable brand image has assumed greater importance in the present context as customers have become more concerned about the products and services they consume. The underlying principle behind a brand image is that customers are not only buying a product but also the image associated with the brand. Therefore, is important for a company to project brand image that is positive, unique and value oriented. In order to develop a desired brand image the company can employ strategies like advertising, packaging, public relations and other promotional tools (Severi and Ling 2013). The brand image that a company projects or aims to achieve must be such that allows the brand to differentiate itself from competitors and create a competitive advantage for the company. The brand image is associated with symbolic, functional and other benefit attributes that helps the customers to make associations with the brand (Wu et al. 2015). Marketing professionals aims at enhancing the brand image by adopting various marketing strategies to influence customers perception and attitude about the brand in order to stimulate consumers purchasing behaviour of the brand, thereby increasing sales, market share and brand equity. Positive brand image can be established by connecting unique and strong brand association with the customers memories about the brand through marketing campaigns. Customers perception about a brand is formed from five important considerations; first is the functionality of the brand, second, the social image associated with owning the brand, third is customers recognition and emotional attachment with the brand, fourth, the relation between brand value and functionality, and, fifth is the customers trust in the brand (Cheung et al. 2014). Brand image and loyalty With the proliferation of brands in the market, customers make their purchase decision based on brand image rather than on products itself. Moreover, when brand image of a product is consistent with consumers concept of self, customers are more likely to purchase such brands products. Brand image has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. A positive brand image creates exclusive association of customers with the brand and increases brand loyalty. Gap in study The pervious researches have focussed more on customers emotional associations with the brand in evaluating the brand image, however, as discussed brand image is dependent on many elements such as utility of the product, marketing activities undertaken by companies to enhance brand image, and overall personality of the brand. Therefore, future studies could explore relation between brand image and customer purchase decision in context of organizational strategies of operating in the market. Methodology The research methodology is deeply focused on the selection of appropriate methods for conducting the research. The proper methodology will be highly effective for effective outcome of the research work. Research Design The research designs are the main part of methodologies which will select the proper hypothetical approach of the research work (Zikmund et al. 2013). Research Philosophies There are various different philosophies which are used in the research sector. These research philosophies are Realism, Interpretivism, Pragmatism as well as Post-positivism. Figure 2: Types of Research Philosophy (Source: Blumberg et al. 2014). The research work will be adhered with the post positivism research philosophy. The post positivism attempts to finding out the underlying truth of the research issues. This particular research philosophy is highly depended on the structured method. Moreover, it relies on the logical deduction of the research issue. Therefore, the post positivism research philosophy will be most beneficial for actual impact of brand image on customer purchasing behaviour (Blumberg et al. 2014). Research Approach There are two basic research approaches which are the pillar of any kind of research work. These research approaches are deductive approach and inductive research approach. Figure 3: Types of Research Approach (Source: as created by author) On the one hand, the deductive research approach deals with testing research theories in order to find out its relevance with the current market scenario. On the other hand, the inductive research approach is mostly focused on exploring new theories on any given specific topic. As the current research work is not focused on generating new theories the deductive approach will most suitable for the study. Therefore, the respective research work will select the deductive approach (Hair 2015). Research Strategies There are various strategies which will be highly effective for conducting the research work. First of all the study will define the problem which will help to develop objectives and questions. Then the study will conduct an evaluated data collection program followed by a detailed as well as systematic data analysis and interpretation. Lastly, the study will conclude the outcomes through research conclusion (Eriksson and Kovalainen 2015). Research Choices The study will cater with a high range of graphs, diagrams, charts figures as well as tables which will be most influential for providing the detailed understanding on the current research topic. The information will be synthesized with a five paragraph essay (Wilson 2014). Time Horizon The study will be conducted within 6 months of time limit. The research work will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday in every week. The research work will be able to complete the study within this prearranged time duration. Data Collection There are two different kinds of data those are used in the research work. These data are primary data and secondary data. Primary data refers to the fresh data collected from a selected sample. On the other hand, the secondary data refers to the existing data which are collected from various published literature such as books, journal articles as well as newspapers. Both of the data can be classified in two different parts according to the focus of data collection which are quantitative and qualitative (Creswell 2013). Figure 4: Types of Data Collection (Source: Creswell 2013). The research work will collect both primary data as it will immensely help to understand the contemporary perception of the customer. Both of the quantitative as well as qualitative approach will be selected for the data collection. This way the study will gain a detailed understanding on the research findings. The study will conduct survey on 85 customers chosen by probability sampling technique for collecting the quantitative data. Furthermore, the study will conduct interview session on 5 managers of apple chosen by non-probability sampling techniques for obtaining the qualitative data (Saunders and Lewis 2014). Research Ethics Every research work must be conducted with several vital ethical considerations which helps the study to maintain a clear image. The current research work will comply with the Data Protection Act, 1998; that prohibits the breach of sensitive data. Moreover, every participant will be treated with proper respect. The research will not involve any individual without their consent (Deterding et al. 2015). Timescale 1st week (2nd-4th) week (5th-7th) week (8th-10th) week (11th -16th) week (17th -20th)week (21st-23rd) week 24th week 25th week 26th Week Introducing the research issue Review of the Literature Methodology of the Research Data Collection Designs and Techniques Collection of Data Analysis of the Data Conclusion of the entire reserach and Recommendations Proof- Reading Submitting the Draft to Supervisor Printing, Binding as well as Submission (Source: as created by author) Resources The research will be conducted with a reasonable amount of fund. The budget of the research will consider various different research activities. Excel and MS project will be used for the analysis of data. References Aaker, D.A. and Biel, A., 2013.Brand equity advertising: advertising's role in building strong brands. Psychology Press. Aaker, D.A., 2012.Building strong brands. Simon and Schuster. Apple (Australia). (2016). Apple. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Jun. 2016]. Blumberg, B.F., Cooper, D.R. and Schindler, P.S., 2014.Business research methods. McGraw-hill education. Bonk, C., 2015. The impact of Apple's communication and French and Finnish consumers' product perceptions: case of the iPhone product. Bryman, A. and Bell, E., 2015.Business research methods. Oxford University Press, USA. Cheung, C.M., Xiao, B.S. and Liu, I.L., 2014. Do actions speak louder than voices? The signaling role of social information cues in influencing consumer purchase decisions.Decision Support Systems,65, pp.50-58. Creswell, J.W., 2013.Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Sage publications. Deterding, S., Canossa, A., Harteveld, C., Cooper, S., Nacke, L.E. and Whitson, J.R., 2015, April. Gamifying Research: Strategies, Opportunities, Challenges, Ethics. InProceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems(pp. 2421-2424). ACM. Eriksson, P. and Kovalainen, A., 2015.Qualitative Methods in Business Research: A Practical Guide to Social Research. Sage. Hair, J.F., 2015.Essentials of business research methods. ME Sharpe. Kapferer, J.N., 2012.The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights and strategic thinking. Kogan page publishers. Malik, M.E., Ghafoor, M.M., Iqbal, H.K., Ali, Q., Hunbal, H., Noman, M. and Ahmad, B., 2013. Impact of brand image and advertisement on consumer buying behavior.World Applied Sciences Journal,23(1), pp.117-122. Nebenzahl, I.D. and Jaffe, E.D., 2013. Measuring the joint effect of brand and country image in consumer evaluation of global products.Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science. Sashi, C.M., 2012. Customer engagement, buyer-seller relationships, and social media.Management decision,50(2), pp.253-272. Saunders, M.N. and Lewis, P., 2014.Doing research in business and management: An essential guide to planning your project. Pearson Higher Ed. Severi, E. and Ling, K.C., 2013. The mediating effects of brand association, brand loyalty, brand image and perceived quality on brand equity.Asian Social Science,9(3), p.125. Wilson, J., 2014.Essentials of business research: A guide to doing your research project. Sage. Wu, C.L., 2013. The Research of Brand Image, Experiential Marketing, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty-Example of Starbucks Coffee. Wu, J., Huang, L., Zhao, J.L. and Hua, Z., 2015. The deeper, the better? Effect of online brand community activity on customer purchase frequency.Information Management,52(7), pp.813-823. Zikmund, W.G., Babin, B.J., Carr, J.C. and Griffin, M., 2013.Business research methods. Cengage Learning.

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20 Top Minority Scholarships

20 Top Minority Scholarships SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Scholarships can be a significant source of college funding for students of all different backgrounds - if you know where to look, that is. Many top scholarships have eligibility requirements regarding financial need or academic merit, but there are also excellent scholarship programs that are specifically for minority students. Most of these programs were created in order to facilitate access to education for minority students,and many aim to help students pursue careers in which people of certain ethnicities or backgrounds are underrepresented. One of the best ways to optimize scholarship funding is to apply to scholarships with more specific eligibility requirements (requirements that you meet, of course). To help you find scholarships like this, I’ve compiled a list of awards meant for students of specific ethnic and racial backgrounds. I started with scholarships meant for students of all minority backgrounds before moving into awards meant for specific minorities. Finally, I’ve ended with some tips and strategies for getting the most scholarship money possible. A note before we get started: the terms used to describe minority groups for each scholarship program were taken directly from programs’ eligibility requirements. I understand that not all of these programs may use preferred terms or descriptors, but I wanted to make sure I represented eligibility criteria as accurately as possible. General College Scholarships for Minorities The following scholarships are open to students from many different ethnic minority backgrounds. Actuarial Diversity Scholarship Program If you're interested in a career as an actuary, this scholarship program is meant for you.The potential award amounts depend on your year in school, but they can range between $1,000 - $4,000. This scholarship is open to students with at least one parent of Black/African American, Hispanic, Native North American, or Pacific Islander heritage. The program typically opens in January; the deadline is typically in early May. Get more information on the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship Program. American Meteorological Society Minority Scholarships To qualify for this unique scholarship, you must plan on pursuing a career in meteorological or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences. If you do win the award, you'll receive $3,000 a year for twoyears. This scholarship is open to minority students, particularly those of Hispanic, Native American, and Black/African American descent, who are entering their freshman year of college. The submission deadline is typically inFebruary. Read more about the program and check out theapplication form. Gates Millennium Scholarship Program This very generous (and therefore very competitive) scholarship program covers all unmet financial need and self-help aid; this means that you wouldn't have to take out any loans or worry about finding a student job in order to pay for your education. It's renewable, so you could potentially receive funding through all fouryears of college. We have a whole post on the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, which you should definitely check out if you're interested in learning more about this award. This scholarship is open to African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian American/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic American students who will be entering their freshman year of college. The submission deadline is typically inJanuary. Read more about how to win the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship If you win a Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, you could receive up to $28,000 per year for up to 4 years of college. That could cover your full Cost of Attendance at some schools! Keep in mind; however, that you must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for the award. This scholarship program is open to minority high school students who demonstrate financial need. The submission deadline is typically in February. Read more about eligibility requirements and the application process. National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarship If you participate in a high school program that focuses primarily on math, science, and engineering, this scholarship program may be a good fit for you. Winners receive an award of $2,500 to put towards their college education. This scholarship is open to high school seniors who identify as African American, American Indian, or Latino. Read more about the program, and keep an eye on the application. It's typically made available in the Spring. African American Black Student Scholarships National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Scholarships The NABJ offers several scholarship options for students who are registered as members. As you may have guessed, these scholarships are meant for students who hope to pursue a career in journalism. The award options all have different eligibility requirements, award amounts, and deadlines, so you may want to spend some time researching the program to see if any of the scholarships are better fits than others. These scholarships are open to students who are registered members of the NABJ. The submission deadline is typically inFebruary. Get more information about the scholarship options. The perfect awards for students who want their work on the front page. The Ron Brown Scholar Program This need-based scholarship awards winners up to $40,000 to fund their college educations - they receive $10,000 per year to cover expenses. The scholarship is open toBlack or African American students who demonstrate financial need. There are typically two submission deadlines: one in early November and the final in early January. If you apply by the November deadline, your application will be considered for both the Ron Brown Scholar Program and forwarded to additional scholarship providers for consideration. If you submit after the November deadline, you'll only be considered for the Ron Brown Scholar Program. Read more about the program and submit an application. Ronald McDonald House Charities African-American Future Achievers Scholarship What a mouthful! You should know that the availability of Ronald McDonald scholarships depends on your local chapter's participation - for more information on whether you'll have access to this award, read our post on how to win a McDonald's scholarship. The award amounts can also vary based on where you're located, but you should be able to get more information from your local RMHC chapter. This scholarship is open to students who have at least one parent of African American or Black Caribbean heritage. The submission deadline is typically inJanuary. Get more information on qualifying and applying for a McDonald's scholarship. The Tom Joyner "Full Ride" Scholarship The availability of this scholarship is limited - it's only offered to one student per year - but winners have alltheir expenses covered if they plan on attending a historically black college or university. This award is open to high school seniors who apply to (and eventually choose to attend) a historically black college or university. The application deadline is typically inmid-January. Read more about the scholarship. Hispanic Latino Student Scholarships Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarships By submitting one application through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, you essentially apply to thousands of potential scholarships - over 5,100 new awards are given out every year. The HSF isan excellent source for scholarship funding; if you're Hispanic/Latino and only have time to submit one application, you should submit this one. While you're at it, read our blog post on how to win one of the HSF awards. These scholarships are open to students who are at least 1/4 Hispanic or Latino. The application typically opens in January and closes in March or April. Read more about the HSF scholarships. League of United Latin American Citizens National Scholarship Fund Award amounts through this scholarship fund vary from $250 - $2,000. Although these awards may not be huge, they'll definitely add up, especially if you apply to several other scholarship programs. These scholarships are open to students who identify as Hispanic or Latino. The submission deadline is typically inMarch. Read more about the scholarship program. Ronald McDonald HACER Like the other Ronald McDonald House Charities scholarships, the availability and amount of this award will depend on your local RMHC chapter. There are also four national awards that come with some big payouts: $100,000 each, to be exact. The scholarships are open to students who have at least one parent of Hispanic heritage. The application typically opens in October and closes in January. Read more about how to win a HACER scholarship. Who would have guessed that fast food could be related to an awesome college scholarship? Native American and American Indian Student Scholarships American Indian College Fund Scholarships The AICF is similar to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund: it's a scholarship hub or database with one application that will get you considered for many awards. Award amounts and eligibility criteria vary, butyou don't have to worry about that too much since you only have to submit one application. In order to be considered eligible for any of these awards, you must be enrolled in a state- or federally-recognized tribeorbe able to prove descendency to an enrolled member. These scholarships are open to American Indian students with connections to an officially recognized tribe. The application is open January 1 - May 31. Read more about the fund and its scholarship application. Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Scholarships Asian and Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund Program Award amounts through this program range from $1,500 all the way up to $15,000. These scholarships are open to students who are Asian/Pacific Islander as defined by the US Census. The application typically opens in September and closes in early January. Get more information on the program. Asian Pacific Fund Scholarships The Asian Pacific Fund offers 12 different scholarships, all with different eligibility requirements and award amounts. You may want to look through theavailablescholarships to see if any are good fits for you - most of the awards are for graduating high school seniors. The good news is that if you find more than one scholarship that you're interested in, you're welcome to submit as many scholarship applications as you'd like. Most of these scholarships are open to graduating seniors of Asian ancestry. The submission deadline for many of the scholarships is typically inFebruary. Get more information on the APF scholarships. Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund This $2,500 award is given to female students who demonstrate leadership or an entrepreneurial spirit. The scholarship is open to women of Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry. The deadline isOctober 1st, 2016. Get more information about this scholarship program. A perfect scholarship program for women who want to enter the business world. Korean Ancestry Grant Award amounts for this scholarship vary but can be as high as $10,000. As you may have guessed, there's a strong preference for applicants of Korean ancestry, but the program will also accept submissions from other students. This grant is open to students of Asian ancestry, with at least one Asian grandparent. Tthe deadline is typically in March. Get more information about the grant. Ronald McDonald House Charities ASIA Scholarship Award amounts and availability will depend on your local Ronald McDonald House Charity chapter, but it isn't too hard to get your hands on that information. For more explicit directions, check out our post on winning a McDonald's scholarship. These scholarships are open to students with at least one parent of Asian-Pacific heritage. Theapplication typically opens in October and closes in January. Read more about applying for a McDonald's scholarship. Upakar Indian-American Scholarship Fund This award provides $8,000 over four years to each scholarship recipient. There are some other benefits to the program in addition to funding - scholarship winners also have access to a mentoring program. This scholarship is open to students who were born in India, or to students with at least one parent who was born in India. The application deadline is typically inApril. Check out the eligibility requirements and application. Vietnamese American Scholarship Foundation This scholarship foundation offers access to several scholarships with just one application. The scholarships all have different selection criteria and award amounts, and you'll have to submit some supplemental materials based on the awards you want to apply for. The application is pretty streamlined so that you can submit all materials at once. These scholarships are open to students of Vietnamese descent. The submission deadlines vary by scholarship, but most are due in late May or early June. Get more information on the scholarship options and check out the application. Tips for Your Own Scholarship Search Hopefully, you now have a good start when it comes to looking for scholarships for minority students. This list of awards is just the beginning, though - follow these strategies to optimize your chances of winning the most scholarship money possible. Do Your Own Research The awards listed above are some of the biggest andbest-known scholarships for minorities, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones out there. If you do your own research, you'll probably find information on smaller or more targeted scholarships. Why bother going after these awards? The more specific the eligibility requirements (if you meet them), the less competition you'll probably have. The same goes forscholarships with smaller payouts. Try googling"scholarships in [your local area]" or "scholarships for [your specific ethnicity group]". You might be surprised at what you find! Just one caveat - beware of any scholarship applications that ask you to submit payment information or info that seems irrelevant or too private. They may be scams, so make sure an application is for a legitimate award before you submit. A good excuse to spend some quality time at your favorite cafe. Apply Broadly This piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with the last one: the more scholarships you apply to, the better your odds of winning some money. Try to submit as many applications as possible, and make sure to look into non-minority scholarships as well. You might start with 2-3 applications to "big" competitive scholarships and 5-7 applications to smaller or more targeted awards. If you can do more than that; however, more power to you! Just don't let it get in the way of your schoolwork or extracurricular activities - those are more important. Be Mindful of Deadlines As you may have noticed by reading the descriptions above, there's no standard scholarship deadline. The earlier you do your scholarship research, the more likely it is that you'll meet the deadlines for all scholarship programs you may be interested in. Try keeping a spreadsheet with all this information so you can submit applications on time. Make sure to cushion your timeline (add an extra 6-8 weeks) if you have to ask for letters of recommendation. What's Next? To continue with your scholarship search, you'llwant to look for award options other than minority scholarships so that you can apply broadly (like I just mentioned above). You can start with our guides to the top scholarships for high school juniors and high school seniors. If you want more general information on financing your education, check out our guides to what college really costs and how to pay for it. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Tweet Francesca Fulciniti About the Author Francesca graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and scored in the 99th percentile on the SATs. She's worked with many students on SAT prep and college counseling, and loves helping students capitalize on their strengths. 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Books About Writing

Books About Writing Books About Writing Books About Writing By Daniel Scocco I figured that it would be useful to have a page on the blog dedicated to books about writing. This initial list was created taking into consideration the books that our writers reviewed or recommended in the past. We plan to update it regularly as well. If you have a suggestion just write a comment below and we might add it. The links to Amazon are affiliate ones, so yeah if you end up purchasing the book we will earn a dollar or two. That money will be spent purchasing new books though. Enjoy. The Elements of Style: Originating as a classroom study aid prepared by Cornell English Professor William Strunk in 1918, this widely-used desk reference of English usage, form, and style continues to influence writers after a hundred years. A must have.Click here to get more details or buy. Eats, Shoots and Leaves: First published in April of 2004, Eats, Shoots and Leaves stayed 25 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and by October of that year it had already sold one million copies. At a bit more than 200 pages including the bibliography, this little book describes the rules that govern the use of: apostrophe, comma, colon, semi-colon, dash, hyphen and period. Click here to get more details or buy. The Dictionary of Concise Writing: A must have book for anyone who wants to write better. It brings over 10,000 alternatives you can use to free your text from wordy constructions and unnecessary phrases. Click here to get more details or buy. Oxford American Writers Thesaurus: Another book worth investing in, as you will be able to use it over and over again. It comes with synonyms, antonyms, sample sentences and cross references to let you pick the most precise word for each occasion. Click here to get more details or buy. Concise Oxford English Dictionary: If you are looking for a solid dictionary and dont want to spend a fortune on it, this is a good choice. Click here to get more details or buy. On Writing: One of the best books about writing and being a writer. Stephen King is probably the most popular horror writer ever, and in this book he shares how he started, the basic writing rules and the fiction writing process. Click here to get more details or buy. The Screenwriters Bible: If want to start writing scripts, this book could help. David Trottier is a writer, producer and script consultant, and he shares tips on all the stages you will go through, from getting started to formatting and selling your script. Click here to get more details or buy. Plot Structure: This book is part of a series called Write Great Fiction. As the name implies, it will assist you while creating the plot for your stories. It comes with techniques, tips and even exercises you can use to practice what you will learn. Click here to get more details or buy. Rules for Writers: A book aimed at college students (regardless of the course). Diane Hacker, the author, has been teaching at the Prince George’s Community College for over 35 years, and this book is the result of what she learned from her students over that time. Click here to get more details or buy. On Writing Well: The subtitle says it all: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. The book covers many aspects of writing, from removing unnecessary words and phrases to identifying your audience and editing your pieces. Click here to get more details or buy. The Associated Press Stylebook: One of the most popular style guides among professional writers and journalists. The 2009 edition has been revised and contains over 3,000 new entries. Click here to get more details or buy. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Book Reviews category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:100 Idioms About NumbersItalicizing Foreign Words13 Theatrical Terms in Popular Usage

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History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

History - Essay Example In the then society, — between the early 19th century to the mid 20th century — there were many technologies invented in the US, such as railroads, airplanes, refrigerators, textile mills and telephones among others. Similar to other technologies, telephones brought a dramatic change in the economic pattern of the US by influencing its societal relations as well as economic developments by a substantial extent (Lasen, 2001). Emphasizing the aforementioned notion, this discussion henceforth will aim to provide with an insight about the impact of telephone, as an innovative technology, on the 19th century American society, i.e. at the time of its invention. Importance of Technology In the year 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone, which was used to communicate with people in distant places. After the invention of telephone, President Rutherford, on viewing it for the first time quoted, â€Å"That’s an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them† (Elon University, n.d.). ... The telephone technology required no third party operator, as a direct communication was possible with the recipient(s) at the other end, which the postal mode lacked to a great extent. Additionally, unlike postal modes, telephone users did not require literary knowledge of writing and reading, which was a major advantage in the 19th century American society, especially for women. Hence, a strong need for telephone was felt by every individual, which could make their life much easier and convenient (Kang, n.d.). The telephone technology bought with itself an industrial revolution in America in the 19th century with the formation of American Bell Telephone Company. As a matter of fact, the importance of telephone was felt by the government as well, owing to the fact that this technology permitted communicate easily, with minimum chances of misinterpretation, and in a secured way assuring confidentiality along with time-efficiency. The technology also proved to be helpful in mitigating the limitations of geographic distances to a substantial extent, even though the telephone technology was not as advanced as it is today in communicating with people at distant places. Subsequently, the telephone industry saw a rapid growth in America as people were not only using this technology in their professional lives, but were also readily adapting the same in their personal area (Elon University, n.d.). Competencies and Setbacks of the Telephone Technology Telephone had given emphasis to true communication, which means a regular speaking and listening interaction within a group of people (Kang, n.d.). The telephone technology also enhanced the time efficiency of communication channels as now information could be send within few seconds from one